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Pro Speech & Communication Program

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Do you Stutter or simply struggle to communicate effectively? I completely understand; I spent the first 23 years of my life fighting to articulate myself. I use to feel like a prisoner in my own body. I didn't want to go out with friends because I couldn't speak a full sentence without stammering. I hated answering phone calls or meeting new people and introducing myself. I use to dread eating at restaurants with my family because the waitress would go around the table asking everyone what they wanted.... and this was a nightmare for me. My family teased me and at one point, I tried to commit suicide. I use to ask God "Why Me?!" Why can't I speak and yet all my friends and family can. I use to feel so alone and misunderstood. 

I use to hate when someone would say: "Just take your time" As if they knew what the hell I was going through.  I felt like NO ONE understood! I Truly felt ALONE and defenseless until I discovered the secret formula. That secret was- that I was NOT a stutterer, but sequential events on my life had lead me to believe I was. I was the one who CHOSE to believe that I couldn't speak and that I could start communicating effectively whenever I wanted to. This secret gave me my power back and took me outside of the victim role. I started understanding the power of my mind and the freedom I had to control my life! From here I started experimenting and conditioning myself to be in uncomfortable situations. I was determined to speak! I failed over and over again and embarrassed myself to the point where I didn't care about living if I couldn't articulate myself. and NOW: I speak for a living! I have given dozens of speeches, spoken at multiple universities and events, today I AM FREE!!



This program is an 8-hour audio recording that has 125+ speech & effective communication affirmations designed for people who stutter, stammer or lack the confidence to communicate effectively. This program will condition the subconscious mind by targeting the brain during Alpha & Theta state. With the average human thinking up to 80,000 thoughts a day, only 10% percent of those thoughts are conscious.

This means that 90% of what we do is on autopilot; Our thoughts, habits, beliefs, desires, etc. The three most powerful ways to impress your subconscious mind are: Repetition, Symbolism, and Trauma or a prominent event. 

These speech affirmations are to be played for a minimum of 60 days every single night and preferably first thing in the morning. During sleep. At approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep, we enter the REM stage (Rapid Eye Movement), this is when the subconscious mind is WIDE OPEN. This is why we will be conditioning the mind at night and often times in the morning. The two best times to impress the mind are during sleep and right after waking up when the mind enters Alpha wave brain state, where the mind is easily impressed.

In conjunction with this program, you must put yourself in uncomfortable situations to build positive reinforcement. This will accelerate the process of conditioning the mind. I know this sounds scary, but you will be creating new pathways in your brain through this program. It is important to reinforce these new pathways with congruent behavior. Maybe you simply greet a new person or make dreaded random phone calls. Even through failure, you will be conditioning the mind to believe you truly can speak!

You will also get personal contact with me & Check-ins ( where we can discuss your progress.