About Dudley Edouard

Dudley Edouard is a renowned Public Figure, Entrepreneur, Author, Instructor, and Social Media Influencer. The Dudley Edouard brand stands on three pillars: Fitness, Finance. & Self Mastery. Dudley has dedicated more than 10 years of his life to fitness, marketing, business, psychology & overall wellness. Taking his studies  further, Dudley has obtained bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and also has practical experience in strength and conditioning with athletes ranging from sports such as (Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Baseball, Football & Swimming).
This website provides apparel, fitness programs, books/ courses & more
  • I believe it is all our birth rights to total health an abundance. Any and everything that gives your mental clarity, physical health, spiritual freedom and the ability to express yourself is encouraged here. This is what the Dudley Edouard brand is all about.


  • -Dudley Edouard aka Dudleyduzz.