Athletic Performance Duo (Vegan)

Athletic Performance Duo (Vegan)

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All programs are personally designed by Dudley Edouard (Bachelors in Exercise Science)

This program is specifically for athletes or anyone who is looking to become more athletic. In this duo plan, you will receive 23 flexible and healthy vegan meals that include both vegan-friendly and meat, & dairy options that will fuel your body properly to achieve an athletic build.  You will also be provided with a healthy vegan snack list to keep you accountable throughout the day.

In addition to this vegan 5 desserts have been added in to alternate between per week. 


These workouts are specifically designed to build an athletic and functional body. Each day brings a different workout that will challenge your strength, endurance as well as motor skills. Every movement in this program is designed to carry over to most sports such as basketball, football, & soccer. At the end of each workout, you will have a core series that was strategically designed to build complete core strength and stability.