Escaping Thyself E-Book

Escaping Thyself E-Book

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Escaping Thyself is an introspective personal development book and guide to conquering one's self-limiting beliefs. This book discusses many topics such as depression, self-sabotage, identity crisis, race, financial poverty, and more.

This book serves anyone looking to maximize their life's potential and live an absolutely free life from mental torment, bullying, impediments, poverty etc. This is an empowering read for all who have a desire to be more than they currently are and for those who are interested in the personal development of themselves or others.

Escaping Thyself is Dudley's 3rd addition to his Health & Wellness category of books and gives a vulnerable and deep look to the early years of his childhood.  This book reveals many issues Mr. Edouard struggled with in his early life and takes the reader on an emotional ride of both loss & victory within life. This book encourages mental health services and is not a substitute for any mental illness. 

About the book

  • 36 pages long
  • Covers how to break through mental barriers
  • How Dudley has overcome his personal challenges & how you can too!
  • Step By Step Instructions to leveling up in life
  • Simple methods to expand your perspective
  • How Dudley came from having a speech impediment to starring Hollywood commercials & more!
  • How to get out of your rock bottom